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“Teen Ma” slammed by sweets father Chief Executive Officer in most severe P.R. presentation actually

“Teen Ma” slammed by sweets father Chief Executive Officer in most severe P.R. presentation actually

Sugary foods father CEO slams “young mommy” for “seeking the ‘back doorstep’ to monetary safeguards”

By Daniel D’Addario
Circulated Will 9, 2013 10:15PM (EDT)


Farrah Abraham, the previous star of “young mothers,” has been doing what is this great for a supposedly artificial “gender tape” that this tart created using the erotica star James Deen, subsequently ended up selling. A P.R. agency is definitely aiming to keep this lady brand in the news with a head-spinningly weird pitch, saying that Abraham has been declined for nebulously explained “work” by a dating website.

Over the years season,, the leading Sugar Daddy dating internet site, reduced two the possiblility to implement the ex-reality star, in the end deciding that this chick was not a “great fit” for their general public impression.

“We’ve encountered the opportunity to benefit Farrah more than once,” claims Brandon Wade, Founder & CEO of “But we might inform that Farrah ended up beingn’t coming over to you for the ideal reasons. She ended up being checking for a quick repay, certainly not a lasting mutually beneficial arrangement.”

This is just like if Steven Spielberg distributed a pr release concerning celebrities he would turned down to headliner in “Lincoln”! Or whenever Fox internet lambasted Katy Perry for perhaps not hitting a great deal to gauge “American Idol”! With the exception that this type of thing never takes place in any markets but a tremendously particular neighborhood regarding the Web. Its that place where “teenager Ma” and “lasting mutually beneficial preparations” encounter, where bottom-feeding “dating” (?) web sites wanting a good number of singles incorporate a newsy label within email blasts, aspiring to catch the attention of an SEO-term-starved blogger functioning after 6 p.m.

Sort, the President of, proceeds on to state that Abraham could have been a role type to women, in the event that she’d labored in an undefined capacity for a niche site in which rich guy find the team of, nicely, women.

“It saddens us to think that Farrah considered this model strategies would cause a path of empowerment and self-confidence. I do believe she’ll look backward inside feel one time, and be sorry. She got this amazing chance to get a role version; entry home am available,” commentary sort. “But instead she chose the ‘back door’ to financial protection, and she’ll soon reach comprehend that many entrances are shut to her nowadays for they.”

That is correct — the owner of a website hospitality to women that seek “a person that will relax one, strengthen your, that really help we emotionally, psychologically and monetarily” (cannot talk to exactly what the the male is seeking) happens to be an anti-porn crusader. No less than as long as Abraham is incorporated in the ideas, that is.

Making besides so many concerns — accomplished this really even result? Precisely what job is Farrah supplied or did she look for? How would doing work for this web site make them a role product? — we are going to admit, at least, that sort’s pun game — or that of his own publicist — is on aim.

Daniel D’Addario

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